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Embrace the world...

At Up2Pico we take steps towards sustainability, the preservation of  environment,  environmental education, project support,  social activities and the search for economically balanced solutions, are  pillars  in project planning.

The awareness of creating a better world is shared with those who visit the house or participate in the activities  Up2Peak.


Ours  small steps are  a huge walk from planet earth!

Activities such as Zero Carbon 4x4 planting Trees, Snorkelling with plastic collection  from the ocean or walking tours with trail cleaning are possible ways to embrace our planet.

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the first active year  of the Up2Pico project led to the IPO  Porto a donation resulting from part of the revenues obtained during the year 2019.

Now the commitment assumed is to take part of the energy shared by the clients who visit the Project to this institution every year, in addition to monetary sharing, there are other ways in which we can help the IPO such as blood donation, enrollment in the bone marrow donor band bone or with volunteer time. 

IPO Porto
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