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Climb Pico Mountain

Discover Pico climbing and mountain

Pico Mountain is a stratovolcano with 2351 meters, the trail starts at 1230m and is composed of solid lava, loose slag and some earth (mud in case of wet ground);

The trail is about 4000m (x2) with more than 1000m of ascending;

It has an approximate slope of 25%;

The ascent is recommended in 4h and the descent in 3h (average values);

Atmospheric conditions vary throughout the year and during the course, with high fluctuations in temperature and visibility.

Recommendations for ascent

• Mountain footwear (high traction boots or shoes)

• Clothing: light, comfortable and breathable (first layer to keep the body dry, second layer to keep the body warm and third layer to protect from wind and/or rain)

• Hat or cap

• Sunscreen and sunglasses

• 1.5 L water per person (minimum required)

• Snacks and light snack

• Backpack suitable for hiking/mountaineering

• Night Climb / Demanding weather conditions (forecast of strong wind, rain or low temperatures):

- Hat, Gloves, Second reinforced layer, Waterproof Jacket and Trousers.


- The trail has a mountaineering requirement, a favorable physical condition is recommended, in case of any condition please contact the guide. (e.g. breathing or heart problems, foot or knee problems, etc.)

- We care for a 100% garbage mountain, and we are all grateful for leaving zero garbage on the mountain.

Request for information for ascent to Pico

To check availability and prices, please fill in the information below.

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Weather forecast at the top of the mountain (2351m)

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